All of us at Foundry Flights was saddened by the passing of BJ Enright on Friday, June 26th in New York City. 

BJ had been battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma since being diagnosed in June of last year.  He had undergone several different chemotherapy treatments in his heroic battle against the disease and finally passed with his young wife Andrea by his side at the young age of 30. 

Along with being Foundry Flights first photographer and son-in-law to FF Pilot Mike Varadi, BJ was very helpful to us in taking some of our first aerial pictures which were later used in a calendar and advertisements for Foundry Flights. 

Not only did BJ have a special ability to relate with others, he was extremely gifted as a photographer and had established himself has a sought after wedding and portrait photographer in his photography business in NYC. 

An "Andrea & BJ Cancer Support Fund as been set up at Go Fund Me to honor BJ and assist Andrea with medical costs. 

Please help in honoring BJ's memory and assisting Andrea by giving a donation at...

Foundry Flights mourns the passing of our first photographer BJ Enright

Foundry Flights performs a Medical Charity Flight from Bend, Oregon

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3 year old Hannah and her Mom, Lisa are ready to take-off.

In November 2014, Foundry Flights was notified that it had been selected to be a 2014 Oregon International Air Show recipient.  The grant was specifically designed to assist Foundry Flights to perform one of it's primary missions in participating with Angel Flight West Flights.

Foundry Flights applied for the grant in June, 2014 and as a part of the application process found an' opportunity to serve' by volunteering at the 2014 Air Show at the Hillsboro Airport. 

The $1000.00 grant will be used to pay for fuel for Angel Flight West flights.  Angel Flight West ( arranges flights for people needing transportation, usually for medical  reasons.  In each instance, the flight is free of charge to the patient and performed by volunteer pilots who volunteer their planes and time.  Foundry Flights has performed several of these flights and with this grant money will be able to perform several more during 2015. 

The ability for The Oregon International Air Show to provide these grant dollars to charity organizations, like Foundry Flights, comes from support and attendance at their annual air shows held each summer at the Hillsboro Airport.  In 2015, the Oregon International Air Show will feature the Blue Angels along with other aviation performers.  More  information and advance tickets can be found at The Oregon International Air Show website

Foundry Flights Pilot Neal Klein (center) receives check from Air Show President Bill Braack (right) during Grant Award Ceremony.

Foundry Flights receives grant from Oregon International Air Show

December 2014

Foundry Flights Pilot Neal Klein receives grant check from

The Oregon International Air Show.

Foundry Flights flies around Mt. Rainer for a aerial ash scattering.

May, 2015

Photo taken by Lisa of Mt. Rainer above the clouds in flight.

Foundry Flights, as a ministry of The Foundry Community, is proud to be a part of the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program.  This program allows customers of Fred Meyer, and it's associated franchises, to select The Foundry Community as their Awards Organization. 

As a part of the Community Rewards program, The Foundry Community and Foundry Flights will be awarded a donation each quarter.  This donation is based upon how many rewards points Fred Meyer customers, who have selected The Foundry Community as their donation organization, acquire during each quarter. 


All donations received from the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program will assist Foundry Flights continue to provide it's Aviation Ministry and help others in need with the gift of flight. 

To be a supporter of  Foundry Flights, please go to  Once there click on the "link your rewards card" and enter "87241" for the organization number or search for "The Foundry Community" as the organization.

March, 2015

Foundry Flights was honored to be able to assist Greg Meyers by providing transportation to Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) from Bend, Oregon for his first post-op appointment.  

Greg endured a complicated surgical procedure in early May and was hospitalized for a couple of weeks.  After returning home to Bend, Oregon from OHSU in Portland, Oregon, he was scheduled for his first return visit one week after discharge.  

What is normally a 3-4 hour trip each way, was flown in about one hour.  Greg and his wife, Debbie were able to meet Foundry Flights Pilot Neal Klein at the Bend Airport on the morning of the appointment.  One hour later, they were landing at the Aurora Airport where they were able to drive the short distance up I-5 to OHSU for Greg's appointment.  

After the appointment Greg and Debbie were returned to the Aurora Airport to fly back to Bend.  What would have required a long day on the road and possibly a overnight stay in the Portland area was completed in a matter of several hours.  

This was especially important to Greg due to the fact that he required special and timely interventions as a result of his surgery which would have been made more difficult during a long car ride.  Greg was able to find comfort in the one hour flights, while still recovering from his surgery and the associated pain and discomfort.  

Fuel costs for this flight were provided through a grant from The Oregon International Air Show in Hillsboro, Oregon ( and a personal donation.

A Special Flight for Hannah

Foundry Flights is very fortunate to have a volunteer pilot like Mike.  It shows to Mike's character and dedication to remain focused on the mission and perform service above and beyond what was originally expected. 

A special thanks also goes to The Oregon International Air Show in Hillsboro, Oregon for providing the funding for this flight through a grant.

May, 2015

Foundry Flights was honored to be selected to receive our second grant from the Oregon International Air Show ( in Hillsboro, Oregon.  

The grant for $2500.00 will allow us to several charity flights this year.  As a part of the grant, we were able to purchase a Stratus 2S ADS-B receiver.  The addition of this receiver will allow pilots to receive current weather traffic advisories and other aviation information in flight.  This will add to making each flight safer and more comfortable for our charity flight passengers.

Thank you Hannah (and her parents) for allowing

Foundry Flights to be of service to you.

If you would like to donate to Foundry Flights to help with costs for charity flights like this one for Hannah, please use the donate button below.

Hannah and her Parents, along with Foundry Flights Pilot, Mike Varadi (right front) fly back to Oregon.

Foundry Flights had the special privilege of flying 3 year old Hannah and her parents to Seattle's Children's Hospital in May.  Hannah and her family live in the Portland area and had a very important medical appointment scheduled  A request was made on their behalf for Foundry Flights flying them up to Seattle. 

Foundry Flights Pilot, Mike Varadi was able to fly them up to the Seattle's Boeing Field in about one and half hours.  Normally a commute to the Seattle area from Portland, Oregon takes about 4 to 5 hours of drive time (each way), Hannah and her parents were instead able to fly above the clouds at 6,500 feet and enjoy the view and sights along the way (including the traffic on I-5).  Mike also commented that he was able to notice how "the beauty and excitment involved with the flight relaxes and soothes, as was seen by the family on the way up".

Foundry Flights Pilot Mike Varadi (right) poses with a

Angel Flight patient in Redding, CA.

Please also view this great wrap-up video of the 2015 Air Show


According to Hannah's Mom, Lisa,

"Without the generous gift of "time"

to fly us up there, we would have had a

VERY long and stressful day of travel". 

After landing at Boeing Field in Seattle, a shuttle from the Hospital was able to pick Hannah and her parents and deliver them to their appointment.  After the appointment was finished, they were then shuttled back to the airport where Mike was waiting to return them home.


Mike and Cynthia

Foundry Flights, as a ministry of the

The Foundry Community is now a recipient in the

Fred Meyer Community Rewards program

Foundry Flights

​An Aviation Ministry

Mt. Rainer Ash Scattering

June, 2015

Greg and Debbie Meyers stand next to N75SF after returning to the Bend Airport.

May, 2015

Foundry Flights performs

Angel Flight Mission from

Eugene, Oregon to

Redding, California

Foundry Flights was honored to perform an aerial ash scattering for a family's beloved mother.  In 1983, when their mother died, her last request was to have her ashes scattered over Mt. Rainer. 

The daughter of the deceased met Foundry Flight Pilots Neal Klein and Mike Varadi along with Foundry Flights Photographer Richard Silver at the McMinnville Airport to watch the pre-flight procedures and then watch as the flight took off. 

The airplane was flown to an altitude of 12,000 feet next to the mountain, where the scattering was performed in accordance with the deceased and family's wishes. 

Foundry Flights was grateful to be able to assist this family with honoring their mother's wishes and we hope that it helped with closure in her passing.

Foundry Flights is thankful for the generous donation that was made by this family.  It will allow us to perform charity flights in the future.

If you are interested in having Foundry Flights perform an aerial ash scattering or would like more information, please contact us at or call 1-971-800-1805.

If you would like to donate to Foundry Flights to assist in making more flights like this one possible, please click on the donate button below and make a donation through PayPal.

Foundry Flights receives second grant from

Oregon International Air Show

June, 2015

Foundry Flights was contacted by Angel Flight West about participating in one leg of a multi-leg flight for a patient needing medical treatment in Oakland, California.  Foundry Flights Pilot, Mike Varadi was able to perform the mission of picking up the patient in Eugene, Oregon and then flying them down to Redding, California where another Angel Flight Pilot picked them up to continue their journey to Oakland.

Unexpectedly, the one day mission and 2 1/2 hour return trip from Redding to McMinnville turned into a three day trip for the pilot.  Mike encountered poor weather conditions on his return trip that would not allow him to proceed into the Willamette Valley to McMinnville Airport.  Instead, Mike was forced to land at the Bend (Oregon) Airport and spend the night. 

Although Mike landed at Bend after the FBO (Fixed Base Operator) had closed, he ran into a flying club who was having a pot-luck diner and were kind enough to feed him and drive him to a hotel for the night.  They were also kind enough to pick him up the next morning and give him a ride back to the airport.  Foundry Flight is greatly indebted to these fellow pilots for their generosity!

The next day, Mike was able to fly as far north as The Dalles, Oregon but was still unable to continue on to McMinnville.  Thankfully, Mike's son was able to drive Mike's wife, Cynthia, out to The Dalles so that Mike and Cynthia could spend their 28th wedding anniversary together.

Finally, the next afternoon, Mike, with Cynthia, were able to complete the Angel Flight Mission which had started two days earlier and fly back to the McMinnville Airport.